Get your word out in your own voice.

Sure, you can blog away but podcasts allow you to speak directly to your clients, even in a car. In todays hectic, busy world, not everyone has time to read that blog you just posted. Why not read it to them? Your words in your voice or (one of ours) will have much more impact.

We do all the complicated stuff. We can produce all aspects of your podcast. We will come to your location and make it easy. All you need is a topic and some time. We provide all the technical support, equipment and have a place to allow your clients to hear it.

  • We provide all the equipment required to produce the podcast.
  • We will record, edit as needed and add full production to your podcast.
  • We will make arrangements for all the streaming/hosting. Our experience saves your resources.
  • You will get a link that you can share with your followers/customers and potential clients.
  • We will provide an RSS feed for you (or us) to add to your website
  • We will submit to Google Play, iTunes and other services where your podcast may be easily found listened to.

Did you know that podcasts are just one way of getting more traffic to your website? We can help.

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